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Wf_notification history
Wf_notification history

Wf_notification history

Download Wf_notification history

Download Wf_notification history

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wf_notification history

Q: Change Sort Order On Wf_Notification(History) Procedure - 11.5.10 Apps. Is it possible to change the sort order of the lines in the Action History section that Jun 18, 2014 - WF_NOTIFICATION(HISTORY). The action history table contains the standard action history information provided by Oracle Workflow, unless Notification History Table To include a notification history table in a message body, call WF_NOTIFICATION() with the HISTORY option in the following format:.

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Sep 25, 2011 - Why isn't the approval history available to all members of a role? I have tried using WF_NOTIFICATION(HISTORY) in the workflow message Dec 16, 2009 - However, the WF_NOTIFICATIONS and WF_ITEMS tables only show _2. Look through _h (history tables) to see if you find any tracks.Apr 27, 2010 - CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_hist ( p_nid IN PLS_INTEGER , p_disp_type IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT WF_NOTIFICATION.doc_text ) May 21, 2009 - 2 , p_disp_type IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT WF_NOTIFICATION.doc_text ) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS 3 v_hist VARCHAR2(32767); 4 BEGIN Depending on the parameters you provide, the WF_NOTIFICATION() function can produce either a table of message attributes or an action history table for the However, you can manually include the action history table by calling the special message function WF_NOTIFICATION(HISTORY) in the message body.

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