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Greasemonkey form submit
Greasemonkey form submit

Greasemonkey form submit

Download Greasemonkey form submit

Download Greasemonkey form submit

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Mar 22, 2007 - Automatically pushing the Submit button on the Firefox add-on's form (GreaseMonkey script). If you use the Firefox

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greasemonkey form submit

#35 Enter Textile Markup in Web Forms Figure 4-9. Textile converted to XHTML Let's trap the form submission itself and automatically convert all the <textarea>Mar 11, 2008 - Hover over a form's Submit button to see where the form will be submitted. If you hover your cursor over a link, Firefox will show you the target function newsubmit(event) { var target = event ? : this; // do anything you like here alert('Submitting form to ' + target.action); // call real submit Apr 10, 2010 - document.getElementsByTagName('form')[0].submit();. Note that this will only work if the first form on the page. You can increase the array index to [1]

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Sep 11, 2013 - Greasemonkey Tutorial for beginners- How to write your own Reading/Modifying HTML content . jQuery AJAX Form Submit Example Jul 19, 2012 - It should be a simple job: // ==UserScript== // @name myscript // @namespace whatever // @include http://path to the internal page // ==/UserScript== Aug 7, 2009 - I choose to add the small greasemonkey header and convert these scripts to greasemonkey This is the form that will be used to submit data. web-based login forms. Firefox has an option to remember usernames and passwords in login forms . Greasemonkey Hacks. Search in book. If so, it simulates a click on the form's Submit button to automatically log into the site. Save the Jan 6, 2010 - greasemonkey-users ›. This topic is Assume I go to a webpage with a form and a couple of entry fields. elForm.submit(); // Submits the form.

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